Behrends Lawn Care


Lawn care professionals do more than simply mow, trim and clean up. We do snow removal, seasonal clean up, aerating, fertilizing, seeding and gypsum for maintaining a good PH balance and great looking lawn! We create a complete visual package that works with your aesthetic taste and surrounding landscape. This takes a keen eye for visual detail, and an expansive knowledge of biology and ecology.

At Behrends Lawn Care, LLC we have 10 years experience in lawn care and snow removal. We also have the educational background and credentials that it takes to make a great looking lawn year after year without the sacrifice! 


Shawn Behrends has the utmost respect for your lawn. Both commercial and residential, we'll treat it like are own. We're fully insured as well.  Our quality of work isn't watered down despite our affordable plans. You will absolutely love the work we do for you - whether it's redoing your front yard, maintaining a healthy lawn or simply mowing & snow removal, we do it all. ​Please give us a call today! Why wait?

More Than Just Lawncare!

Nature is all around you,
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